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01 October 2008 @ 05:07 pm

Title: The Way You Look At Me

Author: mang_dong_i

Rating: PG-13?(homosexual themes, ect)

Chapter: 7/7 (part 2)

Pairing(s): Henwook, maybe more?hm... O.o

Summary: I don't know how or why, i feel different in your eyes. all i know is that it happens every time, the way you look at me

Disclaimers: Nothing is mine but the plot and the mp3

Warning: this is very unedited. VERY. I wrote this quickly, so i can have it to post. i'll edit it in the morning, but for now...i wanted to get this out to ya'll. its been a long while since i posted anything...  ^^;;

please ignore any mistakes, they wont be there very long

PS: Das Ende! Es ist fertig!! hehe, had to use vocab :P    (The End! It is finished!)  i hope you all liked reading this series as much as i liked writing it.  ^^;;


Henry did as his baby brother told him to and walked to his side. James smiled at him (baffling Ryeowook because even James had the same smile as his boyfriend!) and gestured to the boy on the couch. He was American, or Canadian, but not Korean or Chinese. “Bayani,” James said. “This is my other brother Henry. You haven’t meet him yet, cuz he’s been in China.”

                Bayani nodded and smiled shyly at Henry. His black hair matched his tanned skin almost perfectly, and Henry had to admit: the boy was handsome. “Nice to meet you, Henry. I am Bayani.” Bayani said, reaching his hand out to shake Henry’s.

                “Henry, this is my boyfriend, Bayani,” James said, wrapping his arms tightly around Bayani’s waist, laughing when the boy turned pink. “He’s been with me through all of the Chemo and everything! He’s great!” James continued, describing the boy, saying how he just moved in the neighborhood right when he was feeling really lonely from Henry’s leaving, how Bayani was Filipino and when he got here, he spoke very rough English (Tagalog-English), but Henry’s brain stopped working after the word ‘boyfriend’.

                This whole time, not just since he’s been in Canada, but since he’s been in love with Ryeowook, he had been terrified what his parents would do. Would they accept him if he had told them he was gay? Would they have left him, alone in China? Abandon and disown him?

                “Henli, are you okay?” asked Ryeowook, wrapping his arms around the boy, carefully drawing him closer. Henry then snapped out of his daze and tried to struggle out of his boyfriend’s grasp. His parents were still home! “Henli….Henli…! Henli!!” Ryeowook shouted, holding on to Henry’s waist tightly. “Henli, baby, your family left already. It’s just us, relax.”

                Henry stopped fighting Ryeowook, instead throwing himself against the older boy, sobbing his heart out. Ryeowook was surprised. “Baby, why are you crying?” He chuckled, “was it that shocking you find out your brother had a boyfriend?”

                “Ry-Ryeo gege!” Henry cried, clutching onto the boy’s shirt tighter. “he’s…he’s….like me”

                “Like you?” Ryeowook repeated, staring down at the top of his boyfriend’s hair curiously. Maybe his Chinese still wasn’t as good as Henry’s, who seems to live with a mainly Chinese-speaking family. Although, Henry’s Chinese isn’t perfect either.

                Henry hiccupped. “I was so scared!” he admitted. “I was terrified to tell my parents about us, but, James and Bayani…!”

                “They’re alright,” Ryeowook said, trying to comfort the boy.

                “Y-yes! And they had the guts to tell them…!” Henry clutched tighter to Ryeowook’s shirt, trying to be as close to him as possible. “Why couldn’t I? why am I so… weak…?”  

                “Oh! baby…!” Ryeowook suddenly came to full realization. “Henli, Henli… you’re not weak. You’re not weak, baby. You were just being protective.”


                “Yes. You wanted to keep what we have together, and you didn’t want your parents to try and ruin it. You were protecting us, baby, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact,” Ryeowook gently urged Henry to look at him, and he smiled even wider when he saw Henry’s cute teary eyes and his quivering lower lip. “I love you for it,” Ryeowook told him softly, kissing his lips.

                Henry kissed Ryeowook back, putting all of his weight into the older boy. Ryeowook laughed into the kiss, hugging him tighter.


                Later that afternoon, when James and Bayani and everyone returned from the hospital, movie in hand, they explained to Henry that every time James had his Chemo, they’d rent a movie. Tonight it happened to be The Maid, a scary movie from Singapore, about a Filipino maid going to Singapore to work for a Chinese family during the 7th month of the Chinese calendar.

               “Is it really scary?” Ryeowook asked bluntly, taking the movie’s case and reading the back while Bayani put the disk in the player. “Sounds kind of dull to me.”

                “It’s scary,” confirmed Bayani, a firm believer in ghosts and spiritual stuff like that. “its scary because it could happen,” he continued, taking his spot next to James on the couch. James grinned at him.

                Soon, Henry’s mother came in with popcorn and sodas, all of which she placed on the coffee table. “I’m sorry, Ryeowook, I’m not sure what soda you like?”

                “Anything is fine, ma’am,” Ryeowook said, not wanting to bother his boyfriend’s mother. The woman smiled and handed a cup of pop to Ryeowook. “Let’s start this movie then!”

                “Yes!” shouted James, very excited to see this movie, and hit the play button before snuggling up to Bayani.

                James thought it was more than amusing when Rosa, the lead girl’s, little brother’s name was Bayani. “Hey, isn’t your sister named Rose?” he asked, James looked at him and paled slightly before nodding.

                Henry jumped at all the scary parts, making Ryeowook laugh. “Stop!” he whispered harshly, low under his breath and hitting Ryeowook softly as a punishment. “It’s not funny!”

                “No,” agreed Ryeowook. “It’s terrifying!” he said, mocking his boyfriend, a terrified expression playing on his face. Henry frowned and hit him again and in that moment, Ryeowook knew he was going to have fun with this movie.

                 When the movie was over, they examined it in full detail, going over the parts that were really scary, or how they wished the postal kid on the bike had a bigger role, etc. They all talked so animatedly, Henry felt slightly out of place, and squirmed closer to Ryeowook.

              Bayani saw them, and smiled softly, nudging his boyfriend. James looked at Bayani, then at his brother and Ryeowook. “So cute!” he said, a little too loud and caught everyone’s attention.

                “What is, James?” asked his mother curiously. Was the lead girl that beautiful? Sure, she was pretty, but Bayani was handsome.

                James smiled sheepishly, wondering if he should tell of not. “brother and his friend are cute, that’s all.”

                Suddenly, all eyes were on Henry and Ryeowook. Henry’s face turned a million shades of red and ended up burying it in Ryeowook’s pale shirt. Ryeowook glanced around the room, not making any eye contact, while rubbing small circles on Henry’s back.


                “Mom,” Henry said, later that night, after everyone went to bed. Henry, his mother, and Ryeowook were the only ones who were awake, Bayani being at his own house, James and Ricky already in bed. Henry’s mother worked on the dishes diligently, Ryeowook flipping through channels on the TV aimlessly (not that he could really understand any of it anyway) and Henry stood with his mother, drying the dishes.

                “Yes, Henry?” she asked, handing him a freshly cleaned plate to dry.

                Henry sighed and rubbed the towel against it, drying it the best a damp towel could. “James and Bayani…”

                “Does it bother you?” she asked bluntly.

                “No!” Henry exclaimed, raising his hands in defense. “Of course not! I mean, um…” at this point, Ryeowook abandoned the TV, to sit at the breakfast nook, awaiting his boyfriend to accompany him to bed. “how’d you find out?”

               “oh, he told me, months after their initial dating,” she said, calmly, handing her son another plate. “it scared him something awful, though. You could tell by looking in his eyes,” she continued, matter-of-factly.  She was dedicated to washing the cup in her hands, she didn’t notice her son watching her almost as dedicatedly. “It’s the same look I see in your eyes now.”

                Henry gulped, almost dropping the plate in his hands. Ryeowook behind them, smirked, admiring the woman on her skills of reading her son so easily. “w-what?”

                “Come on, Henry Lau,” she said, stopping her chore for a minute to fully face her son. She barely reached her son’s eyes in height, but was much more confident than he ever was. Confidence was pouring out of every pore in her body, she even radiated it, and it made her look beautiful. “You are my second born son, I know you just as well as my other two, even if you’re in China now. I knew right away you and Ryeowook were together, I was just waiting to hear it from you.”

                “Mom,” Henry said weakly, confidence pouring in slowly, soon taking full effect on him. “I love Ryeowook, more than anything in this world. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, I was just afraid of how you’d react.” Ryeowook smiled, loving this new, confident side of his boyfriend almost as he loved hearing those words from him.

                Henry’s mom sighed and returned to her work. “You love him?” she asked, getting a smile nod in return. She smirked and turned her head to look at him. “more than your violin?”

                Henry couldn’t help but to laugh. “More than my violin.”


                A day later, Henry and Ryeowook were boarding a plane again, sending them back to China. Their vacation was over and both boys had to return to work.

                “Bye, Henry!” James said, hugging his older brother by his neck. Henry was so happy to see some color return to the younger’s cheeks. Bayani was a few feet away, watching with a bright smile on his face and Henry thought he resembled Ryeowook.

                “Bye, baby bro. take good care, okay?” Henry said, pulling away from his brother’s skinny arms. “call every now and then, too.”

                “Yes!” James seemed was elated, promising to call regularly. 

                “Bye, Henry,” his mother said, saying goodbye to her son again. “be safe in China, okay?” she said to him, more of a command than a question, before she turned to Ryeowook. Ryeowook was surprised with the sudden attention from the older woman. “You, take good care of my son, okay? Make sure he stays safe and healthy!”

                “Y-yes, ma’am”

                Henry laughed at Ryeowook, his simple payback for scaring him during The Maid. “Goodbye”



                MONTHS LATER


                Henry sat, in the silence of the practice room, tuning his precious violin. Ever since he left Canada for China, he had met wonderful people and made great friends who would always there when he needs them, who are always willing to hang out and play games and listen to Henry when he needs to talk. They never contradict him, never tell him he’s dumb, stupid, or not good enough. And, most of all, together they made an unofficial 15, and Henry couldn’t be happier.

                With Ryeowook by his side, his life in China and Korea brightened and his anti-fan base has nearly deflated into nothingness. His violin and dancing skills have certainly gotten better along with his singing.  

                “Henli!” Hankyung’s voice ripped through Henry’s quietness, tearing him from his thoughts. “You got a letter from China. From James!”

                Henry raced from the room to snatch the letter from Hankyung’s hands. He tore it open and unfolded the paper inside, to see James’ messy scrawl.

                “What’s it say?” Ryeowook asked cautiously, wrapping his arms around his newlywed husband’s waist. The couple has been married, legally, for about a week or so and Ryeowook couldn’t be happier. Of course, it was all a secret. Not even the rest of Super Junior 13 knows yet.

                Henry’s smile grew. “His body is accepting the Chemo! The doctors say he should be finished with it in December!”

                “That great!” declared Zhou Mi, grinning ear to ear. “I love your brother! He’s too cute!” James had made a point of calling every two weeks to catch up on his brother and the band.

                “He’s got a boyfriend, Mimi,” countered Kyuhyun, grinning at Zhou Mi.

                “Yah! I meant as a brother or friend, you jerk!” Zhou Mi roared, glaring at Kyuhyun who grinned playfully back.

                Kyuhyun whistled. “Good, he’s younger than Henli, which makes him illegal in almost every country!”

                Zhou Mi, getting more than annoyed by the other man, leaped at him, but Kyuhyun was too fast and already dashed down the hall.

                “Hey!” shouted Hankyung, and Henry was pleased he was going to stop them. “Don’t kill eachother.”

                Henry stared in disbelief at his gege as he sat down on the couch with the daily newspaper. That was it? Seriously! They could somehow be the firsts to kill each other with rubber pencils, and that’s all the leader had to say about it??

                “Ignore them,” Ryeowook whispered into his ear. “they’ll be fine. They like each other too much to murder each other.”

                Henry nodded, but didn’t necessarily believe his (husband) and stared down the hall after them. Ryeowook took advantage of Henry’s turned head to turn it a tiny but farther and kiss the boy softly on his lips. “I love you, Henry.”

                “I love you too”


The way you look at me


Das Ende

hm...personally, i think the end is corny...but i wrote it just before i passed out  ^^;;  so its ok. i might edit it tho....tell me what you all think, mmkay??

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romanchika: min_rainromanchika on October 2nd, 2008 01:30 pm (UTC)
aww its such a happy ending~ HenWook got married and they couldn't be more happier! XD that is so sweet
Henry's mom is so cool and accepting~
and there's KyuMi in the end too! lol :DDD
i enjoyed reading this, and congrats on completing it! ^^
there's no free lunch, work for what you want.lolju on October 2nd, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC)
mmm, i love happy endings. and i really loved your fic, it's so sweet :) henwook married yes ^___^
mikudaisuki on October 3rd, 2008 12:32 pm (UTC)
It's fine! it's lovely reading it from the first to the last in one shot!
I love how their relationship grows and love how ryeo is a bit devilish in here.
<333 it!
「ナタリー ♡」redl_ightdamage on October 21st, 2008 10:59 am (UTC)
Loved this! Gosh, its so cute~!

Do write more! :D:D